«Lampova», the Civic Activity Space in Pokrovsk

«Ukrayinska Pravda» initiated a series of reports about the cities in the east of Ukraine throughout the post-war period, «The Future of Donbass». One of the reports is about Pokrovsk. In this city there is a hub «Lampova», which combines various local initiatives and serves as a platform for all-Ukrainian projects. We were there too. Follow the link to read the full article in Ukrainian.

Systemic Civic Education is a Means of Formation of Basic Democratic Values

Svetlana Topalova from the Analytical Center «Observatory of Democracy» which is supported by the European Endowment For Democracy and the Government of Canada published an article «Civic Education for Front-Line Regions in the Context of the Problems of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories» for hvylya.net. Read the in original language. Photo on the headline — Artem Konovalov

Spotlights of the 2017

On the brink of the new year it is a tradition to summarize the previous year results. 2018 will be the second New Year celebrated by the hub of civic activity «Studio 42». But while a year ago the hub was active for mere three month, on this year we can proudly recount a full year of work. So here’s the recap of the Top-5 Memorable Events from 2017. Follow…

Stars were in the Hub

During the year hundreds of events took place at Hub of civic activity «Studio 42»: lectures, trainings, exhibitions, concerts. Some of them were attended by famous people. For example, our guests were the Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergei Chernov and the First-Vice Mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov. Follow the link to read the full article in Ukrainian.

Intake of Students for Polish Language Courses for NGOs

We will launch Polish language courses for non-governmental organizations in January. We invite representatives of civic and charitable organizations, other institutions of civil society. Read more in the original language post.

How to Get 1 Million Hryvnias. Checklist of Project Preparation

Next year public initiatives will receive an additional opportunity to finance. The city’s program «The Public Budget (Participation Budget) of Kharkiv» will be implemented. On Saturday, October 28, in our hub a seminar «Public budget: a checklist for the preparation of a successful project» will be held. Oleg Kulinich will tell us about new opportunities and pitfalls. Free entrance. The beginning is at 10:00. Come in advance, from 9:30 we will…