Development, Promotion, Monetization and Street Cultures

On November 25−26 in Kharkiv the Forum of Street Cultures will take place. Last year this event gathered more than 300 experts from different countries. They were talking about the development of activism and social initiatives. This time the organizers promise an even bigger and more interesting event. Follow the link to read the full article in Ukrainian.

Boundaries and Mission of Art

On Wednesday, October 18, cultural band «Plateforme 15» will host an interdisciplinary seminar in the hub of civic activity «Studio 42». Its topic: «It is (not)art: the Territories of Creative Frenzy». Seminar begins at 5 pm. Follow the link to read the full article in Ukrainian.

History Evenings № 5. What Will Philip Dykan Talk about?

The fifth lecture of the project «Kharkiv History Evenings» at Hub will be held October, 20. The lecturer is historian and journalist Philip Dykan. The theme is «German Kharkiv». To participate you need to register. Follow the link to read the full article in Ukrainian.

How to Get 1 Million Hryvnias. Checklist of Project Preparation

Next year public initiatives will receive an additional opportunity to finance. The city’s program «The Public Budget (Participation Budget) of Kharkiv» will be implemented. On Saturday, October 28, in our hub a seminar «Public budget: a checklist for the preparation of a successful project» will be held. Oleg Kulinich will tell us about new opportunities and pitfalls. Free entrance. The beginning is at 10:00. Come in advance, from 9:30 we will…

Learn to Plan Your Vacation in Advance

At the lecture «Round & Around Dreams Travel» «Azure Travel» travel agency’s director Maria Ladygina and travel agent Ivan Kovalenko will help you to learn to plan your trip in advance to spend your time unforgettable on vacation and have something to tell your friends when you return. Follow the link to read the full article in Ukrainian.

Local and Foreign Noble Houses

«We will talk about foreign noble families of our region, but in the beginning we will mention the families of Sloboda Cossack Elders, the descendants of those who did not lose their memory of their origin, held power in the Kharkov province until the revolution of 1917. We will remember the real counts, barons and princes, and not those who were given the title by city…

Lawyers about Themselves

The world of legal professions is an event aimed at getting the students to know more about the profession they want to develop in the future. On October 7, students will have the opportunity to talk with the representatives and practitioners of legal professions and hear about the actual problems and the practical aspects of this fascinating sphere. Follow the link to read the full article in Ukrainian.

Night of Poetry

The Sixth Night of Poetry organized by All-Ukrainian youth NGO «Foundation of Regional Initiatives» is waiting for you at night on October 7th. In the program: reading poetry and prose, from authors and from those who love classic poetry, performance of musical groups, interesting teambuilding games, drawing gifts, etc. Follow the link to learn more.

Great and Brilliant People: Writers, Artists, Poets and Musicians in Old Photos of Kharkiv

The best addition to any story is a photo, especially if it is a historical story. In the evening, on October 6, the head of the Kharkiv city garden manor Andriy Paramonov will tell us about the photographers of the old Kharkiv. You will learn about the Kharkiv School of Photographic Artsand and other famous photographers known throughout Europe. Do not forget to register and arrive on time at 18:30,…

Peculiar Qualities of Ukrainian Employment

On Tuesday, October 3rd, our hub will host a presentation of brochure «Atypical Employment and Precarity in Ukraine». This event will start in 4 pm and will be followed by the public discussion. Young scientists and everyone interested are welcome to take part in the discussion. Follow the link to read the full article in Ukrainian.